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Put Your Faxes to Work with Concord

Concord is a leading provider of Cloud Fax, Document Workflow, and Intelligent Data Extraction services to healthcare organizations and other enterprises. Whether you need a reliable provider for high-volume Cloud Fax, or you’re ready to do more with your documents using Document Workflow and Intelligent Data Extraction, we’re here to help.

Ready to do more with your documents?

FaxPro for Small Businesses

Fax fewer than 1000 pages per month? Sign-up instantly for Concord’s FaxPro service for small businesses. Start faxing today.

Cloud Fax for Enterprises

Secure Cloud Fax designed for Healthcare Systems and Enterprises exchanging high fax volumes. Build your service quote now.

Fax Workflow & Intelligent Data Extraction

Do more with your faxes: Concord makes your data usable outside of fax and other document types. Get a customized service quote from our specialists.

Cloud Fax Designed for Healthcare


Our secure Cloud Fax network means that our users can send thousands or millions of documents and never experience issues in deliverability or uptime. Capabilities like inbound fax routing, shared document queues, and intelligent data extraction mean that documents can be more than just documents: They can be put to work for your team, your systems, and your patients.

We’re committed to making it easier for healthcare organizations to focus on patients, and not paper.

Why Choose Concord Cloud Fax?

Our secure network is trusted by some of the biggest names in healthcare, finance, and education. We maintain strict adherence to HIPAA and PCI compliance, and we’re SOC2 audited.

We make it simple to migrate off of your existing fax servers, fax appliances, or other cloud fax services and onto our platform, with no impact to your day-to-day operations.

The Concord network features a dual-datacenter and active-active architecture, eliminating single points of failure and enabling us to prevent our customers from experiencing outages.

On average, our support team boasts 10 years of fax expertise. We conduct 24/7 monitoring and offer real-time support from 9am to 9pm EST.

Teams that need to collaborate on inbound faxes in realtime can take advantage of Concord’s capabilities for shared document queues, so no one ever misses a document.

Need to do more with your data? Concord also offers capabilities for users  to automatically extract data from an inbound document, and push it to the EHR or system where it’s needed.

See how it works

Take a look at the basics of using Cloud Fax. Concord makes it simple to to transition to the use of Cloud Fax, no matter how large your team is. Learn more about sending, receiving, advanced Fax Automation, the Concord User Portal, and more.

Can Concord help during COVID-19?

To our partners in healthcare, we’re committed to enabling your team to work apart effectively, and to making that happen as quickly as possible. If we can help your remote team work more effectively during this time, we want to do so. Please contact us to discuss how we can help your team process healthcare documents. We want to assist the healthcare organizations that are working tirelessly against COVID-19.

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