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Peace of Mind for IT Professionals

Strict adherence to security and compliance standards, network architecture designed for high volumes, world class support and more make Concord Cloud Fax the right choice for IT and compliance professionals.

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Network architecture designed for high volumes of critical data

Concord’s Cloud Fax architecture was constructed specifically for large organizations that depend on successful fax transmissions of critical data each day. Our network design is the most modern in the industry, and it enables our users to enjoy unlimited, enterprise-grade capacity.

Concord’s network design features dual-data center, fully active-active architecture. All components are redundant at least twice over in each data center. Every month for over the last three years, Concord has consistently exceeded its 99.9% uptime guarantee.

With our geographically dispersed data centers, Concord is able to take components or even an entire data center offline for maintenance, with no interruption in service for our users.

Concord’s secure Cloud Fax network never delivers busy signals. We constantly monitor traffic trends, and design each data center to be independently scaled to exceed the overall absolute peak demand – even for your highest monthly or cyclical traffic spikes.

Concord’s patented SureConnect technology is used to optimize traffic routing patterns, to help ensure that your fax pages are delivered reliably every time, with no failed completions—ever. Concord boasts the highest fax page completion rate in the online fax service industry.

Take an in-depth look at Concord’s Cloud Fax network architecture: Download our white paper to learn more about the network design that makes Concord fast, secure, and always online.

Compliance for your industry

Concord is always thinking about compliance, so our customers don’t have to. Our Compliance and Information Security teams are working tirelessly to stay abreast of practices and technologies that can help safeguard data and support the industry specific needs of our clients. As a HIPAA compliant fax solution, we are always willing to sign BAAs.

Secure at every level

Our communications are 100% encrypted over TLS or via Secure HTTP. Users can set their image retention policies to immediately remove sent images, storing nothing and simplifying security requirements.

Network Security

Physical Security

Logical Security

World class support

Concord takes customer support seriously; we always have and we always will. We firmly believe that our outstanding support is one of the key reasons for our 97% annual customer retention rate.

Our US-based Premium Support team averages 10 years of fax experience.

 We offer real-time customer support from 9am EST. until 9pm EST.

We monitor performance 24/7 and offer emergency after-hours support.

Implementation and set-up

Our dedicated team of Implementation experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are up and running quickly and easily. This team focuses on implementations every day and, while every project is a little different, their depth of experience means that they’ve got a robust set of best practices to ensure you onboard fast and that your users fall in love with their new solution.

“I absolutely would recommend Concord, and I have recommended Concord. I am a member of ILTA, International Legal Technology Association, which many other firms are members of and I recommend Concord frequently through that organization.”

Cooper and Scully


Concord fully understands the complexity of fax server replacement projects, and we have worked with a countless number of customers to remove their legacy fax server systems and replace them with modern, HIPAA complliant Cloud Fax technology. We commit to making the process as simple as possible, without any downtime in your fax transmissions.

Fax traffic reporting

Run and export reports on the traffic analytics that matter to your team.

   Determine if any fax numbers you’re sending to aren’t receiving transmissions.

   Get info on which numbers your team is sending faxes to most often.

   Report on Cloud Fax usage by individual user or by department.

Explore how Cloud Fax works for:


Day-to-day Cloud Fax users have multiple options for sending and receiving, organizing fax workflows, reporting and more.



Available via API or through Concord’s Partner Program, we enable Cloud Fax and Document Automation integrations for EHRs and other systems.


IT & Compliance

IT and security professionals can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Concord’s simple implementation and robust compliance programs.

IT & Compliance

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