Cloud Fax for IT and Compliance Professionals: The Most Secure Solution

Cloud Fax Compliance

Cloud Fax: Securely Delivered, HIPAA Compliant

Strict adherence to security and compliance standards, network architecture designed for high volumes, world class support and more make Concord Cloud Fax the right choice for organizations that can’t afford anything less than 100% secure fax transmissions.

Network architecture designed for high volumes of critical data

Concord’s Cloud Fax architecture was constructed specifically for large organizations that depend on successful, HIPAA compliant fax transmissions of critical data each day. Our network design is the most modern in the industry, and it enables our users to enjoy unlimited, enterprise-grade capacity.

Concord’s network design features dual-data center, fully active-active architecture. All components are redundant at least twice over in each data center. Every month for over the last three years, Concord has consistently exceeded its 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Concord Cloud Fax is HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 Audited. Your business can’t afford to have gaps in your compliance protocol; we make sure that never happens. We will sign your organization’s BAA.

Concord’s secure Cloud Fax network never delivers busy signals. We constantly monitor traffic trends, and design each data center to be independently scaled to exceed the overall absolute peak demand – even for your highest monthly or cyclical traffic spikes.

Concord’s patented SureConnect technology is used to optimize traffic routing patterns, ensuring that your fax pages are delivered reliably every time, with no failed completions—ever. Concord boasts the highest fax page completion rate in the online fax service industry.

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