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Fax Is a Way of Life for Hospitals & Health Systems Today — But What Does the Future Hold?

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Anybody who has been working in the U.S. healthcare system during the last decade or so has heard the term “big data” used with increasing frequency. Small wonder. In the healthcare world, this catchphrase is referring to the general rise of information technology that makes data both easily accessible and actionable in the consumer marketplace. 

How does that translate to the medical world? Hospitals and health systems strive to provide outstanding care to the patients they serve. For them, big data means not only the ability to store and access patient information, but to also have the most current information on hand to provide the most accurate, optimal treatment. That translates into having current, correct patient information in their Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms and other document management systems. Otherwise, treatment teams may face care-planning delays, and the facilities and systems themselves can suffer from slow and inefficient operations.  

Healthcare data also must meet the increasingly strict interoperability requirements to populate patient information portals and outside databases such as state-operated Health Information Exchanges, or HIEs.


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Healthcare’s technology advances require rapid and reliable data transmission

Hospitals and health systems are benefiting from the remarkable advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics. They are building robust healthcare electronic document management systems to support staff, inform treatment goals and more. Those technology ecosystems are enhanced by a fax solution that can quickly and securely transmit data, as well as use its own analytics and artificial intelligence properties to extract and properly route information 

Whether it’s paper transmissions or a digital process (or both), fax is the glue connecting the teams within hospitals and across large health systems. A massive volume of data moves within healthcare electronic document management systems every day. An outdated or inefficient fax solution can put the brakes on those transmissions, contributing to inefficient operations and delayed care. 

A fax solution that can assess data, support workflows, and enhance interoperability

Simply changing vendors or systems isn’t a magic bullet. Hospitals and health systems need a fax solution and technology partner that meets today’s clinical document management needs and anticipates those of tomorrow. Concord’s longstanding partnerships with dozens of hospitals, health systems and individual providers has resulted in a platform of fully digital, turnkey fax solutions that create ease, efficiency, and quality improvement through: 

  • Programmatic workflow and process automation
  • Automatic and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for intuitive data extraction
  • Document handling and routing to support streamlined workflows
  • API for EHR integration capabilities 

Hospitals and health providers need a reliable fax and data solution that (literally) delivers. With Concord’s system of multiple data centers and intelligent call routing, the dead-end “fax retry” process is transformed. Concord’s solutions also offer multiple ways to send and receive, including email, print-to-fax and the ability to interface with systems already in place. Users can also access the fax queue via Concord’s online portal to monitor progress.

That reliability is then supplemented by fax routing and prioritization. AI-fueled data extraction streamlines workflows so that information related to intake, referral, care coordination or claims gets to the right person at the right time.

Concord’s suite of fax solutions is designed to help healthcare providers improve workflows and staff efficiency, reduce overhead and enhance service delivery. Please fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch to start a conversation. 

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