Five Reasons to Choose Cloud Fax over On-Prem

Five Reasons Cloud Fax is Better than On-Premise


Check Out Five Reasons to Move to the Cloud 

With over 150,000 happy customers and a 99.7% retention rate, it’s no mystery that we are doing Cloud Fax right! If you need more convincing, take a look at our top five reasons why we blow our competitors out of the water.

1. No telephony management or hardware maintenance

In using a cloud-based provider, there is no need to purchase, maintain, monitor, and expand fax infrastructure to keep up with ever-changing fax needs. Customers can achieve a zero-footprint solution that still allows for dynamic scalability to comply with regulations or sudden changes in traffic demands – all without requiring customer intervention. We handle all the maintenance of the infrastructure to ensure service is always available.

2. Lower operational costs

By freeing up resources that were solely dedicated to keep on-premise solutions up and running, costs can be reduced significantly. We don’t charge for any set-up fees, meaning that you can make a quick transition without worrying about the up-front cost of deploying an in-house fax server solution. In addition, customers only pay for what they use in terms of fax traffic, since there is no up-front capital costs, maintenance or support contracts, or licensing.

3. No downtime

Designed to meet the high-volume faxing requirements of large enterprise and healthcare organizations, our network consistently meets and exceeds the benchmark of 99% uptime. With our active-active architecture, we have made our systems four times redundant each of the critical elements in our network are redundant twice over in each data center. The net result is a network that delivers a superior level of performance and reliability that exceeds the industry standard.

4. Always reliable

Our network was engineered from the bottom up to be completely reliable, so users don’t encounter deliverability issues. With dual datacenters, unlimited capacity, and SureConnect technology, we have been able to pave the way for ultimate reliability. We pride ourselves on being able to ensure the lowest partial pages results of any provider while still maintaining a call completion rate exceeding 98.5%.  

5. Unlimited capacity

Concord provides a total cloud fax solution, with no capacity constraints on inbound or outbound faxing. This means that when traffic spikes, we can handle the sudden increase right along with it. How? Each of our two datacenters are scaled to be capable of handling more than our total peak traffic for the entire network at any one time.

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