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HITRUST® 101: Certification Aids in Security and Trust in Healthcare

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The trust patients place in healthcare providers and organizations relies heavily on the safeguarding of their sensitive information.

HITRUST is a standards and certifying body that has gained prominence for its commitment to improving the security of sensitive healthcare data. HITRUST certification is a crucial standard of excellence in healthcare security, and the HITRUST r2 assessment is recognized as the gold standard in the industry.


Understanding HITRUST Certification

HITRUST has developed the HITRUST CSF framework, which serves as a comprehensive and adaptable set of controls. The HITRUST CSF is designed to address the security, privacy, and regulatory challenges that healthcare and organizations in other sectors face.

Organizations earn the HITRUST certification by successfully meeting the rigorous criteria that the HITRUST CSF sets. This certification signifies that an organization has demonstrated a commitment to safeguarding sensitive healthcare data.


Becoming HITRUST Certified

To obtain HITRUST certification, an organization must follow a structured process that encompasses several critical steps. First, the organization needs to implement and understand the HITRUST CSF.

Once ready, the organization engages a qualified HITRUST External Assessor to perform a formal assessment. The assessor conducts a detailed assessment, including interviews, documentation reviews, and control testing.

Once complete, the assessment is submitted to HITRUST for a formal QA review under the HITRUST Assurance Program. If the assessment meets specific pre-established standards, it earns either a validation or certification. Overall, HITRUST certification is a rigorous and ongoing commitment to data security and regulatory compliance.


Prestige and Recognition

HITRUST certification is not just another badge of honor in the healthcare industry; it is widely recognized and respected as the gold standard. Healthcare organizations that achieve HITRUST certification showcase their dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy. HITRUST certification may be required in contract language with business partners and provides a competitive advantage in RFP responses and other new business pursuits.


The Importance of HITRUST Certification

Data breaches and cyberattacks are on the rise, making data security paramount. While no information security protections are completely fool proof, HITRUST certification helps address several critical aspects of healthcare data security:

  1. Protection of Patient Data: Patient data is incredibly sensitive and valuable. HITRUST certification shows that healthcare organizations have strong controls in place to help protect data from breaches, unauthorized access, and cyber threats. A HITRUST assessment also helps identify information security gaps that can be remediated to enhance data protection.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with healthcare regulations is not exactly optional. HITRUST certification helps organizations align their security practices with regulatory requirements, including HIPAA.
  3. Building Trust: Trust is a cornerstone of healthcare. HITRUST certification helps organizations build and maintain trust and build confidence with partners.


Why Choose a HITRUST-Certified Partner

When selecting a healthcare partner, whether it’s a vendor, service provider, or healthcare organization, a HITRUST certification is important.

HITRUST certification aligns with key healthcare information security and privacy regulations, including HIPAA.

Whether you are a healthcare provider, payer, or patient, understanding the importance of HITRUST certification can help you gain confidence and make informed decisions about the organizations with which you choose to work.

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