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In-The-Moment Data is Vital For Long-Term & Post-Acute Care Facilities

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The healthcare-provider continuum is made up of many people, and many types of care facilities. Long-term and post-acute care facilities, or LTPACs, are a central hub, as they offer a wide variety of care to many different patients. They are an essential provider in the post-acute, or rehab, function, bridging the gap between hospital and home. And in their extended-care role, they provide a trusted service for those who are unable to live independently.

LTPACs have many challenges, not least of which is a rapidly changing patient census. Many of them also lack current technology for data collection and distribution, relying on paper. That can lead to slow information transmission, which cascades down the care chain to affect patient movement and treatment. On an operational front, this also can lead to slower or reduced payments from insurance providers and/or Medicare and Medicaid.

A constantly updated, accurate and accessible patient and facility data set is the goal — but how to get there? A paperless, cloud-based fax solution that integrates with electronic health record (EHR) and other data-management platforms can play a significant role. Concord’s fax technology offers that interoperability and adds more value by deploying its own analytics and properties to extract and properly route information.

A strategic, seamless fax solution can improve long-term care facility efficiency

LTPACs increasingly need a reliable fax and data solution that works efficiently. With Concord’s system of multiple data centers and intelligent call routing, the dead-end “fax retry” process is transformed. Concord’s solutions also offer multiple ways to send and receive, including email, print-to-fax and the ability to interface with systems already in place. And at any time, users can access the fax queue via Concord’s online portal to monitor progress.

That reliability is then supplemented by fax routing and prioritization. Data extraction streamlines workflows so that information related to intake, referral, care coordination or claims gets to the right person at the right time.

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The long-term care provider industry requires a fax solution and technology partner experienced in meeting today’s needs and creating solutions for those of tomorrow. Concord’s digital, turnkey fax solutions help providers achieve their goals by creating ease, efficiency, and quality improvements.

Concord’s suite of fax solutions is designed to help providers improve workflows and staff efficiency, reduce overhead and enhance service delivery. Please fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch to start a conversation. 

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