Introducing NEXTSTEP | Designed for Highly-Efficient Fax Management

Introducing NEXTSTEP: Designed for Highly-Efficient Fax Management

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Created with Our Cloud Fax Users in Mind

For years, Concord Cloud Fax has reliably served organizations that process high volumes of faxes day each day. Today, Concord Cloud Fax is the preferred high-volume fax service for over 150,000 users who depend on the successful transmission of critical fax documents for their daily operations.

But in organizations where rapid processing of faxes and other inbound documents is essential, successful transmission is only part of the equation. The faxes received by your organization need to be effectively ingested, sorted, labelled, assigned and ultimately worked on by the right team member. And in organizations that are receiving large amounts of critical documents on a daily basis, managing these faxes efficiently can feel like a never-ending struggle to keep up.

For these users, Concord created NEXTSTEP. 

Your organization can now face the flood of information head-on: NEXTSTEP is designed to transform the way your team manages its inbound faxes. Say good-bye to messy, ad hoc document processing; NEXTSTEP gives organizations the power to simply capture, access, process and integrate faxes into the systems already used by teams.

Best of all, NEXTSTEP is quick to implement, simple to customize, and can be used by your organization on day one. No waiting, no implementation questions: Just cloud-based data management as soon as you need it.

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How is NEXTSTEP transforming document processing?



When faxes are received by your organization, important data and pertinent information need to be identified. In many organizations, this task is completed manually. NEXTSTEP’s data capture capabilities remove the need for this manual component, so your team members can focus on more high-value tasks.

NEXTSTEP automatically sorts and classifies the documents received by your organization. Tasks like barcode recognition and signature detection can be automated via NEXTSTEP. Ingesting documents simply and capturing important information right away sets your team up for success throughout the entire process.

Capture in a nutshell:

  • Centrally capture documents in the cloud from multiple input channels.
  • Automatically convert static document images into searchable and editable PDF files
  • Automatically recognize and classify documents by type to reduce having to pre-sort them manually
  • Automated barcode recognition and signature detection
  • Intelligently identify and extract field data regardless of location or description from one document to the next



A huge part of the struggle in managing faxes within large organizations is granting team members access to a single document in a manner that’s efficient and scalable. NEXTSTEP provides a simple, secure, cloud-based way for multiple team members need to take action with the same document. This makes NEXTSTEP ideal for faxes that go through multi-step, multi-person processes.

NEXTSTEP’s suite of document viewing and editing tools is cloud-based, secure and enables rules-based automation when needed. Thanks to highly-detailed user tracking and reporting, transparent processes are made possible, and team-wide collaboration is made simple.

Access in a nutshell:

  • Secure, web-based access to documents and workflows
  • Shared process and collaboration queues
  • Suite of document viewing and editing tools
  • Integrated, rules-based task management
  • Detailed document, user and process tracking and reporting



Processing inbound faxes efficiently is a struggle for teams of any size. For most organizations, processing faxes involves a mix of complex work and more low-value tasks. For those low-value tasks, NEXTSTEP handles them with highly-flexible, rules-based process automation.

Because every organization’s process needs are different, NEXTSTEP’s process automation is highly customizable. Automation can be set to occur at any point in a process, triggering actions based on one condition or a set of rules. Use NEXTSTEP to set tasks to be automated where automation makes sense, and your team members will be able to focus on critical thinking-based tasks.

Process in a nutshell:

  • Adaptable, rules-based process management
  • Status, document and user-driven trigger events
  • Individual and grouped action execution
  • Detailed process monitoring and reporting



Every inbound fax has an ultimate destination, whether that destination is an EHR or a different business system. NEXTSTEP eliminates the need for manual data input with its integration capabilities.

Integrate faxes into your core systems using NEXTSTEP. Getting faxed information into EHRs and other Line-of-Business platforms doesn’t have to be a struggle: Save your team from manual entry and endless screen-switching—NEXTSTEP integrates with your systems to seamlessly hand off faxes and their metadata into the systems where they’re most needed.

Integrate in a nutshell:

  • Document, metadata and process metrics hand-off
  • Optimized for EHR and Line-of-Business applications
  • Enterprise Content Management Platform Support
  • Fax and email document delivery
  • Rules-based document delivery and export automation


Capture, Access, Process, Integrate: It’s Simple for Everyone, No Data-Entry Experience Needed

NEXTSTEP was designed with our Cloud Fax users’ needs in mind, but NEXTSTEP goes beyond fax management: Use NEXTSTEP to manage any type of document your organization receives. NEXTSTEP transforms data management processes for your faxes and beyond. Emails, scanned documents, even snail mail: Any type of document can be processed by NEXTSTEP.

Ready to transform the way your organization manages its received documents? Visit NEXTSTEP to learn more, or contact us today to hear about how NEXTSTEP can be customized for your organization and implemented today.


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