Making Our Mark – A New Logo for Concord Technologies

Making Our Mark – A New Logo for Concord Technologies

Concord Technologies

Concord Technologies has launched a new logo, an updated visual extension of our evolving organizational mission and vision. Over the coming weeks and months, the mark will be transitioned into use within our offices in Seattle, Jaipur, and Chennai as well as beginning to appear across Concord’s marketing programs.

This mark reflects our company’s identity as a leader in cloud fax and AI technologies. The three colors represent our Cloud Fax foundation; our data exchange and interoperability capabilities; and new applications — such as Concord Care Intake, a revolutionary way for behavioral health facilities to process referrals more rapidly and help shorten the wait time for patients in need of care. The colors are grounded in the Pacific Northwest, but also are special to Concord in our space. This makes our logo stand out among competitors. Finally, the mark’s motion is a nod toward data flowing along, much like a river.

It all comes together in a vibrant illustration of how Concord makes data meaningful for healthcare companies who need rapid access to actionable data that can streamline workflows and improve patient outcomes. For these customers, as well as those in finance and other business sectors, Concord’s solutions make data come alive to power better decision-making.

Look for our new logo and messaging over the next few months in client-transformation success stories and much more.

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