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Concord Digital Fax

On-Prem Solution

FAXCOM On-Prem, from Concord lets you be the architect of your enterprise communication network.

On-Prem Benefits


Standardize Enterprise
Operations & Control Costs

Manage enterprise-wide costs while empowering all departments

and scale fax usage to meet increased demand

Streamline workflows and automate routing
to department queues

Maintain brand consistency
with outbound fax cover pages


Maintain a High Level
of Security Control

Retain organization data in
house and/or in-country

Utilize on-site or virtual
server alternatives

confidential information
using TLS Encryption

Help achieve HIPPA compliance

through rigorous audit trails


Seamless Integration for
Streamlining Staff Workflows

Tailor inbound and outbound configurations to match organization specific requirements

Partner integrations
with top healthcare EHRs such as Epic and Oracle Cerner

Effortlessly integrate
multi-function printers and other devices

Deploy updates and upgrades
with no downtime

Competitive 401K Match
Reduce Operational Expenses

Eliminate fax line costs, reduce data center footprint, machine expenses, and depend on a single vendor for management.

Better Data Management
Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrates with existing applications with the ability to scale in real-time to eliminate fax telephony and server capacity limits, ensuring business continuity.

Filter Incoming Referrals From Multiple Sources
Maintain Current User Experience

The simplified implementation process maintains your existing network integrations, automation, and workflow configuration. Migrate your fax lines with no downtime or need for staff training or change management.

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant
Increase Security and Peace of Mind

Ensure regulatory compliance and privacy of data through trusted measures such as HIPAA, SOC1, SOC2 Type 2, and TLS encryption. Additionally, maintain in-house data security and have access to Biscom’s responsive 24/7 U.S.-based customer support.

Customizable features tailored to fit your network and business operations

TLS encryption

Send and receive via email, web client, EHR or other application used in your everyday workflow

Real-time, sent-fax status alerts

Active directory and SSO integrations available

Web-based, desktop and mobile interfaces

Customizable cover pages

Custom retries

Inbound and outbound automation

Customizable workflow configurations

Monitor departmental usage by job type, fax number and user

Enterprise system monitoring with automated alerts

“Staff members love the user interface and manager review queries. It is so organized and easy to use. It makes their jobs much easier.”


“In five years, On-Prem has never gone down once.”


“What we like best is there are so many possible solutions for our customers within your products— we’ve never had to look very far for several solutions to meet our business partner needs.”


Transform Unstructured Data with Concord Cloud Fax

Switch from static documents to dynamic assets by extracting relevant fields from documents to create structured data. Move the right data into applications you are developing or already using to empower your organization with data-driven decision-making and seamless interoperability.

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