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 Get embedded   compliance and security.

All organizations connected in any way to healthcare, whether care providers, labs, payers, or other organizations like IT software vendors, need to pay special attention to compliance and security in relation to their fax solutions.
Managing your own fax solution comes with built in security challenges, whether the physical issues of safeguarding paper documents being sent or received through traditional fax, or in electronic fax systems, with their needs to be updated with the latest software patches, running antivirus software, protected via firewalls from intrusion, and more.

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The advantages of secure cloud fax solutions like Concord are clear.

  • Protecting customers’ data is embedded in the technology and all policies
  • Cloud fax vendors add compliance and security measures to their service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Signing a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) as standard procedure to align with HIPAA requirements
  • Regular, comprehensive platform audits ensure compliance and security are maintained.
Your Customized Implementation

A trusted partner in Concord.

It is more important than ever that IT software vendors choose a cloud fax partner like Concord that makes security and compliance a priority. 

Learn more about how Concord is committed to security and compliance in the healthcare industry; download our partner info sheet below.

Why do our partners choose Concord?

We’re committed to providing our partners with all of the capabilities needed for their users to get the most out of their documents.


Our cloud-based platform means you don’t need to worry about servers, and it also provides the flexibility and scalability that enable our partners to exchange high volumes of documents.

For EHRs and other systems

Concord’s partners are made up of EHRs, Health IT services, and a range of other software vendors. We’re suitable for any industry that needs to exchange critical documents securely.

Industry-leading reliability

Our network architecture and patented deliverability technology mean that our partners trust us to deliver on every transmission, regardless of page volume.

Multiple Options to Partner

Choose how you’d like to integrate with Concord: Your users can maintain a Concord Cloud Fax account, or you can choose a seamless fax integration under your own brand.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Our AI-based Intelligent Data Extraction technology enables partners to extract data from inbound documents and present it immediately within their own application.

Send and Receive
Concord’s Cloud Fax integration options include giving users the ability to both send and receive faxes from directly within your EHR or application interface.

Get the right solution for your organization.


Register for our Developer Portal to get instant access to our suite of APIs, developer guides and support. Our wide range of tools are aimed to get you up and running as quickly as possible with a well-designed and tightly integrated solution.

API Access


Give your users the power to do more with their documents within the applications they use every day. Users can send and receive faxes, automate document intake, and to route captured data into their own systems.

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