The Efficiency of Paperless Healthcare Workflows | Concord Technologies

Get your documents to work harder, so you don’t have to.

Get access to our guide to making paper workflows more efficient, and how to solve the operational challenge of paperwork that is both constant and critical.

What you’ll learn from this guide:


In The Efficiency of Paperless Healthcare Workflows, you’ll get an in-depth look at how automated workflows can transform the state of paper-based document processing in healthcare. Concord Document Workflow solutions are all about eliminating the time-consuming burden of manual document handling.

Say goodbye to lost faxes and mixed-up pages. Say hello to incoming documents auto-distributed directly to the correct folder. Imagine putting an end to manual data entry, double documentation, and chasing down co-workers for signatures. Imagine a streamlined workflow that performs at the speed of technology.

Now, with Concord, you can stop imagining and start your digital shift to a better tomorrow, today.


Get rid of costly fax services and use Concord.


No more fax servers. No more telephony. No more support struggles.
It’s no wonder Concord has a 97% year-over-year customer retention rate.

Integrated user experience

No switching screens or losing time toggling between applications: Users can send and receive faxes from directly within the applications they use every day.

Reduced overhead

Users can say good-bye to the cost and complexity of managing on-premise fax servers, troubleshooting failed faxes and ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Security and reliability

Compliance and security is our priority, working closely to ensure alignment on all measures involved in taking care of customer information and data.

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