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Learn how you can make faster, more informed Behavioral Health referral decisions using Concord Care Intake™,  our AI enhanced referral processing application

Applying Concord’s Practical AI™ to referral management

91% Bed Capacity

5% Daily Loss


Increase In Accepted Referrals


2 Hours

per day saved by automatic capture and reporting of referral data

4 Minutes

Average Time to Process Referrals


2 Hours

Door to Floor

See our Webinar “Improving Referral Management and Intake through AI-Enhanced Technology”

Patient Intake and Referrals, Simplified

Make collaborative and more informed referral decisions for you and your patients with Concord Care Intake™.
Monitor Referral Progress in Real Time
Monitor Referral Progress in Real Time
Filter Incoming Referrals From Multiple Sources
Filter Incoming Referrals From Multiple Sources
Detect Bottlenecks to Reduce Workflow Interruptions
Detect Bottlenecks to Reduce Workflow Interruptions
Reduce Staffing Challenges With On-Site and Virtual Teams
Reduce Staffing Challenges With On-Site and Virtual Teams
Harness Powerful Analytics for Data-Informed Decisions
Harness Powerful Analytics for Data-Informed Decisions
Enhance Your Existing Environment, Don’t Change It
Enhance Your Existing Environment, Don’t Change It

“[Concord Care Intake’s] data and analytics dashboards allow us to manage bottlenecks and act to better manage our referral source relationships and make process improvements.”

— Wendy Taylor, MSW, LCSW, Director of Assessment and Referrals, Hendricks Behavioral Hospital

Supporting humans making human decisions

By leveraging our deep expertise and innovation with cloud fax technology, and combining that with today’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we are able to unlock the unstructured data contained in fax documents and use that data more efficiently and accurately in automated workflows. The result is reduced manual effort and errors, lessening the burden on already overstretched care teams. 

Concord Technologies AI Benefits:

Enhanced Data Triage
Data made useful

Automatically unlock data from static documents so it can be manipulated and edited.

Identified Opportunities
Route information quickly

Immediately provide information to administrative and clinical teams so they can take action.

Faster Decisions
Workflow efficiency

Automate workflows for greater efficiency between teams; less time spent manually processing.

Applied Data
Cut down on wait time

Greatly reduce wait time to improve patient experience; faster decisions mean faster time to patient care.

Healthcare AI Pioneers

With over five decades of combined healthcare technology and AI experience, Concord Technologies is fortunate to have leaders driving the vision and execution of our data solutions.

Christopher Larkin

Christopher Larkin

Chief Technology Officer
23 Years of AI Experience
Microsoft, GE Healthcare, Elsevier

"Getting information from point A to point B is what we've been doing at Concord for over twenty years. Cloud Fax technology, and by extension, delivering documents and patient information, to care teams is in our DNA. "

Andre Sublett

Andre Sublett

Vice President of Data and Analytics
12 Years of AI Experience
GE Healthcare

"My team and I are relentless in delivering exceptional and innovative software that makes a profound difference with caregivers, patients, communities, and businesses."

Imran Sait Mohammad

Program Director AI
20 Years of AI Experience
Bank of America, Great Lakes Institute of Management

"Cautious application of responsible AI can help clinicians make better decisions today."

AI-driven fax solutions have become reliable tools for improving referrral handling. In the 2023 KLAS Digital Fax report, Concord Cloud Fax is confirmed as leading the industry in advanced features.

Boosting efficiency, not replacing expertise 

Eliminating thoughtless tasks, not human authority

There’s an appropriate amount of personal and professional uncertainty around AI replacing jobs but in realistic terms, that’s not in the foreseeable future. Can AI safely diagnose, treat, or prescribe medications to patients? Not yet. But today AI can intelligently route and classify documents and extract pertinent information from those documents for improved clinical workflows and faster decision making. In this way, AI can support – not replace – care teams by eliminating much of the manual effort that slows the process down and frustrates overburdened teams. 

Why Concord's Practical AI™?

Your organization can depend on technology developed in-house, not through external partnerships.
Modern healthcare includes patients, providers, and the data that connects them. At Concord, we’re serious about data delivery and making it as simple and easy as possible for busy care teams. Today, we deliver over 12 million pages per day to over 200,000 users. Unlike other organizations whose solutions are the amalgamation of acquired software and third-party software licenses, Concord’s Practical AI-driven solutions are developed by our own in-house development team, removing the risk of software incompatibilities between applications, and allowing for a more seamless flow of data and streamlined user experience.

Modernize your cloud fax network for data delivery, not only document exchange.

Make faster intake decisions with better referral management processes

Reduce the time it takes to schedule patient procedures and appointments

Streamline the process for Prior Authorizations between payers, providers, and patients 

Review and deliver lab results with more speed and accuracy 

Fulfill and renew prescriptions for improved medication adherence 

Eliminate manual effort for overburdened care teams 

Shared workspace for triaging and routing documents improves team collaboration and efficiency

Seamless interoperability with many of the applications you are already using.

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