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Six Reasons to Make the Move Now to Cloud Fax from an Internal Fax Server Farm

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End Fax Server Management Burdens by Moving to Cloud Fax

While some IT software vendors consider fax to be an archaic functionality, fax transmissions continue to increase in volume, year over year. Faxing is a necessary and vital information transmission option, especially in healthcare. Improving how fax is delivered can increase the benefits and effectiveness of this functionality for everyone involved. 

Learn more about how Concord Technologies reduces the burdens of managing in-house server farms.

End the Headaches Involved in Managing an Internal Fax Server Farm

Some vendors run internal fax server farms to deliver embedded fax functionality. Managing such a set-up often creates expertise burdens for IT and product organizations that may have limited resources. Fax server farms built from commercially available software and hardware stacks are typically foreign to the teams required to build and manage them. Using cloud fax also makes your vendor responsible for compliance and system updates:

No More Compliance Worries – Concord’s cloud fax service meets all of the security and compliance standards common to organizations in healthcare (HIPAA, SOCII, etc.). Let Concord assume the ongoing compliance burden for your fax solution.

Avoid Upgrade/Refresh Issues – The hardware running fax server farms requires frequent upgrades and refreshes. Concord Cloud Fax shields ISV partners from these hardware and IT manpower costs while delivering a better fax service quality.

Improve Faxing Effectiveness

Concord Cloud Fax service provides more than adequate capacity to handle all the traffic from your customer base. And, Concord’s extensive set of APIs make it possible for healthcare IT vendors to build functionality far exceeding alternatives commercially available for the end user market. Concord enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to manage user accounts as well as users’ basic sending and receiving.

Achieve Better Fax Completion Rates

Concord’s mix of Fax Over Internet Protocol (FOIP) and time-division multiplexing (TDM) along with our SureConnect intelligent retry technology ensures the highest possible completion rates for outbound calls and a never a busy signal for inbound faxing.

Facilitate Fax Content-based Intelligent Routing

Concord’s document workflow and intelligent data extraction functionality allows independent software vendors (ISVs) to go a step further, by gaining access to the content of documents being faxed. Informed routing helps customers get the right info to the right person more quickly, ensuring a higher level of care for customers and patients.

Incorporate Greater Flexibility in Your Fax Platforms

Concord Cloud Fax allows ISV partners to customize our platform to customer use-cases, such as:

– Sending user-initiated faxes out of an application

– Getting more information from and about inbound faxes

– Access to information in the document content

– Uncertainty about services needed

A Cloud Fax Solution Designed to Expressly Meet Healthcare Restrictions

Healthcare IT organizations have traditionally been reluctant to consider cloud fax, fearing inadequate data protection and information security measures. Concord leads the cloud fax market in applying the highest level of security and compliance to all of the data that we transmit, which applies to every customer regardless of their available IT resources or fax service complexity needs. We are willing to enter into agreements that ensure the highest level of customer protection, ensuring our ISV partners and their customers can sleep better at night.

Learn more about how Concord Technologies reduces the burdens of managing in-house server farms.

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