Hidden Costs of On-Premise Fax Servers

Still Using On-Premise Fax Servers: You’re Paying More Than You Think

Sever room for on-site fax equipment

Even before the pandemic, businesses were looking at moving operational information and processes, including fax, to the cloud. Then, when faced with a fully remote workforce, even more made the move.

In many cases, businesses had held off on eliminating on-premises fax out of fears over downtime and workflow interruption. What they weren’t looking at were the actual, hard costs of on-premises fax:

  • IT staff time spent on system administration, maintenance, and support
  • Lost opportunities from transmission failures and missed faxes
  • Fines and other costs from security breaches and the resulting compliance audits
  • Lost productivity and business continuity

Cloud fax, on the other hand, offers:

  • Enhanced security
  • Ease of deployment
  • Improved application reliability
  • Greater scalability and usage elasticity

If your company has embraced cloud computing, but held back on cloud fax, it’s time to reconsider. Download our new white paper, On-Premise vs. Cloud Faxing: Calculating Your Total Cost of Ownership, and learn exactly what you’re paying for on-premises fax, and how you can eliminate those costs and improve business operations.

Download White Paper: Calculating Your Total Cost of Ownership

Learn More: Read about the soft costs associated with on-premises fax in. On-Premise vs. Cloud Faxing: The Hidden Costs of Your Fax Server

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