On-Premise Fax Servers Hidden Soft Costs

The Hidden Soft Costs of On-Premise Fax Servers


How much are you paying to send and receive fax documents? If you’re relying on a combination of fax machines and servers onsite, the answer is probably too much.

The “hard costs” of on-premises faxing are easy to identify. They range from maintaining aging and often outmoded equipment to the costs associated with transmission. But what about the “soft costs,” elements that might not turn up in a line-item review of faxing expenses?

Consider these elements that are often present in an on-premises fax environment:

  • IT staff time spent on system administration, maintenance, and support
  • Lost opportunities from transmission failures and missed faxes
  • Fines and other costs from security breaches and the resulting compliance audits
  • Lost productivity from errors and slowed workflows due to manual document processing

In On-Premise vs. Cloud Faxing: The Hidden Costs of Your Fax Server white paper, Concord explores the unseen costs associated with maintaining a traditional, on-premises fax environment. We also dig into why a cloud fax solution can reduce or eliminate these hidden costs, improve fax deliverability, reduce the costs of failed transmissions, streamline operations by increasing employee productivity and boost your organization’s bottom line.

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