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Leverage reliable AI-Powered Document Processing Within your applications

Classify and route documents and data, Transform documents into structured data, and prepare data for other applications

What can Concord Do in your Applications?

We’re committed to providing our partners all the capabilities needed for their users to get the most out of their documents.
Send and Receive
Send and

Concord’s Cloud Fax integration options include giving users the ability to both send and receive faxes from within your EHR or application interface.

Intelligent Data Extraction
Intelligent Data

Our AI-fueled Intelligent Data Extraction technology enables partners to extract data from inbound documents and present it immediately within their own application.

Document Automation

Document classification, automated data extraction, barcode extraction and other tools to reduce manual processes for your users.

Real-time Fax Status
Fax Status

Highlighting and extracting of relevant fields can lead to quicker, more efficient decisions, and a more seamless data pipeline.

Multiple Options for Partnerships
White Label or Hosted Integration

Choose how you’d like to integrate with Concord: Your users can maintain a Concord account, or you can choose a seamless fax integration under your own brand.

Cloud-Based Platform

Our cloud-based platform means you don’t have to be concerned about servers, it also provides the flexibility and scalability that enable our partners to exchange high volumes of documents.

“Our customers love the solution! Prior to integrating with Concord, faxing was the second-highest item called into support by time spent and the seventh highest in terms of call volume. In the two years prior to Provation partnering with Concord, there were nearly 900 faxing tickets logged that accounted for almost 800 hours of our support time. Faxing would consistently rank the top 10 support issues by ticket. Our support manager says that now those calls are almost nonexistent—the only reason faxes fail for us now is due to a bad fax number. That’s a great testament to Concord Technologies.”
— Andy O’Connell, Senior Product Manager, Provation Medical

An integration that enables users to do more with their documents

We know how critical the data exchanged by fax is to our users, and we’re committed to making that data easier to transmit and use. By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, Concord doesn’t just change the way that organizations exchange faxes, we enable your customers to unlock their documents and do more with their data.

Developer Access

Register for our Developer Portal to get access to our suite of APIs, developer guides, and support. Our wide range of tools are aimed to get you up and running as quickly as possible with a well-designed and tightly integrated solution.


ISV Program

Software vendors give their users the power to do more with their documents in the applications they use every day. Users can send and receive faxes, automate document intake, and route captured data into their own systems. Learn about our ISV Program


Reseller Program

Join Concord’s reseller program and ensure that a reliable digital fax solution is a part of your portfolio. Top software reseller marketplaces have incorporated cloud fax solutions into their offerings and Concord delivers a solution that provides world-class fax and other products.

Start Integrating Concord Technologies Now

With our suite of free APIs, your developers can get started quickly integrating Concord into your existing applications. Software vendors who want to provide fax and document automation capabilities to their end users can make use of our comprehensive, go-to-market solutions for embedded technologies.​

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