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Welcome to the Concord Cloud Fax Blog.

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Welcome to our Fax Blog. Spend some time here and you’ll learn everything you need to buy, implement and use fax more effectively.

We have kicked off the blog with three brand new articles.

Enterprise Fax – Which is the right platform for you?

If you are trying to better understand your options with fax server, cloud-based SaaS fax, hosted fax or hybrid fax, this is the place to start.

Fax Problems – Four Outdated Approaches to Faxing

If faxing is part of your process, you owe it to yourself to do it right. We look at some of the more problematic approaches businesses take with faxing today.

What’s driving your enterprise fax service adoption?

At Concord, we help countless organizations solve their faxing problems. In this post we look at what brings those organizations to us in the first place. You may well discover more than a few parallels with your own situation.

We hope you enjoy the blog and subscribe for more updates. And for you non-Star Wars fans, here’s a picture of Captain Sprinkles laying in the sunshine…

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