Data Delivery, Document Workflow, and Beyond

For over 20 years, Concord has helped healthcare organizations send and receive critical documents securely and reliably, and today, we deliver over two billion pages of protected health information each year via our enterprise Cloud Fax solution. Now, we’re developing clinical applications using advanced technologies to put that data to work with insight and analytics, because better decisions begin with better data.

Introducing Concord Care Intake

Concord is helping Behavioral Health facilities accelerate their intake processes. Learn more about the smarter way to process referrals with Concord Care Intake.

Welcome to the future of fax

Concord has always been driven to provide the most secure, scalable, and reliable modern Cloud Fax platform in the industry. We know how critical the data exchanged by fax is to our users, and now we’re making that data easy to use. By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, Concord doesn’t just change the way that organizations exchange faxes, we enable customers to unlock their documents and do more with their data.

Cloud Fax

The most secure and reliable way to exchange critical documents via the cloud.

Document Workflow

Easy-to-create workflows for document routing, processing and collaboration.

Intelligent Data Extraction

AI-powered, document identification and data extraction for any inbound document.

Ready to meet your new Cloud Fax Inbox?

Faxes should be accessible anywhere, anytime. This is why we created Fax Inbox – secure, web access to faxes 24/7. You can stay connected to critical content in the office, at home, on the road, and anywhere in between.


Over 200,000 users and rapidly growing

We saved 60% and simplified our support by switching to Concord!”

Lorraine Spencer
Johns Hopkins University


Securely send, receive and manage your faxes in the cloud. Concord Cloud Fax is simple to use while offering unmatched delivery performance. 

With no servers or telephony to manage, and rapid number-porting, Concord Cloud Fax makes it easy to retire all your legacy fax equipment and securely fax online.  

Enterprise-grade, high volume fax network
PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant fax
Document workflow and data extraction tools
Extensive API and integration options


Quickly create workflows to optimize and accelerate your document-driven processes. With Concord Document Workflow, routing, sharing and collaborating on documents is simple.

Teams can access documents anytime from anywhere, and every activity is captured for easy monitoring and reporting.


Automated document routing
Shared queues for structured document collaboration and processing
Search, review, split, edit, redact, mark-up and sign documents online
Multiple document import and export options including fax, scan, folder-sync and API


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are used to automatically identify the type of document, and then find and extract the information that matters most to you (such as a patient’s name and insurance information.)

Data is extracted from text or barcodes anywhere in a document and made available to users immediately. The extracted data can be used to look-up and push the document to records in an external system, such as an EHR.


Automated document classification
Zero-configuration extraction fields
Automatically lookup and validate data in other applications
Multiple options for integrating extracted data into other applications

Solutions for Healthcare

We help healthcare payers and providers increase staff efficiency, improve patient care, and reduce operating costs.

Integrated Solutions

Integrate Concord’s Cloud Fax and Document Automation capabilities seamlessly into your applications. Extensive APIs and Expert Developer Support.

Reasons to choose Concord Technologies?

Industry leading reliability

You need a service you never have to worry about. Our active-active network, and expert platform team will keep you online – all the time.   

It’s time to  compare us to the rest.

Built for Security and Compliance

HIPPA, PCI-DSS, SSAE 16 SOC 2 and 256 Bit Encryption is just the beginning. Every element of our operation is rigorously maintained to keep your data protected.

We are ready for your security review and BAA today.

Passion for Customer Care

Need help? Call us and you will be talking to an expert in less than 10 seconds. Run into a critical issue at 4 am on a Sunday? We will be there for you.

We love our Support Teams – we know you will too. 

Our Track Record

97% of our customers stay with us year afer year.  When you are ready to make a decision, let us connect you with them. 


Enterprise Cloud Fax

Document Automation

Intelligent Data Extraction


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