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Print to Fax

Simply Print to Fax

Need to fax a PDF or an image? Use the print function to send faxes from applications you use everyday. Concord makes it easy to to send faxes without needing a fax machine with Print2Fax.

Simple, secure, and reliable

Integrating cloud fax with your existing application is simple. Print2Fax sets up Concord Fax as an additional printer on your network. However, instead of your document being sent to an actual printer, it’s sent to our network for recipient routing.

How does Print2Fax work?

Print2Fax makes online fax integration easy: With Print2Fax, you can send a fax in the same way you would send a document to the printer. Concord’s Print2Fax integration works with Office 365, EMR/EHR applications, and any Microsoft Windows application that can print. We even support Citrix and Terminal Services environments.

Step One

Open the print function within the application. Choose Concord Fax from the menu, which will prompt a dialog box.

Step Two

Type in the name, company, and fax number of your recipient, or your can select your recipient from your address book.

Step Three

To send a fax to multiple recipients, simply click the “Add Recipient” button and add additional recipients to the list..

Step Four

Use a stored cover page or configure a unique page, all within the same dialog box. If you’re sending a HIPAA-compliant fax, and you need to add a patient ID or reference number, you can also add that information within the dialog box.

Step Five

When everything’s ready, click “Send Fax.” Your document gets transmitted to the Concord network..

What happens after you’ve sent a fax?

Send Faxes
Concord network confirms receipt
After you send your fax, you’ll see another dialog box confirming that the Concord network has received your fax.
Continued Education
Recieve a confirmation number
You’ll also receive a confirmation email containing a tracking number as well as the time you submitted the fax. Monitor its progress within your Concord dashboard.
Receive Faxes
Delivery confirmation
When your recipient receives the fax, you’ll get a final confirmation email. You’ll know your fax reached its destination, and you can save the confirmation for your records.
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