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FaxPro Healthcare

Affordable HIPAA-compliant cloud fax solutions for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

FaxPro offers many of the same features and capabilities found in Concord’s enterprise healthcare fax solutions currently in use by organizations such as Johns Hopkins Medicine, Anthem, McKesson & Merge Healthcare.

FaxPro 300

Up to 300 pages a month
$ 14.95 Monthly
  • Maximum Users: 3
  • Included Inbound Pages: 150
  • Included Outbound Pages: 150
  • Additional Pages: 7c/page
  • Toll-Free: Included

FaxPro 1000

Up to 1,000 pages per month
$ 49.95 Monthly
  • Maximum Users: 20
  • Free Included Pages: 1,000
  • Additional Pages: 7c/page
  • Toll-Free: Included

Enterprise Healthcare Fax

Customizeable for your organization's needs
$ 100+/mo
  • Maximum Users: Unlimited
  • Fax Number Porting: Available
  • Cost per Page: QUOTE
  • Toll-Free: QUOTE
  • International: QUOTE

Security and compliance across industries

Easy Options to Send and Receive
With Concord Cloud Fax, users have the ability to send and receive faxes however they prefer. Many of our users choose to integrate cloud faxing with their existing systems, but they also use Concord to fax via email, multi-function printer, print-to-fax technology, file drop or even a traditional fax machine.
Better than Traditional Failover
Unlike other online fax providers, Concord’s network is active-active, with multiple datacenters processing fax traffic. So even if one datacenter should become unavailable due to a major outage, like a natural disaster, traffic continues to flow and our users’ ability to send and receive faxes is never impacted.
Unparalleled Deliverability
With Concord’s patented SureConnext call routing technology, we take an approach to delivery that other fax services are unable to: We dramatically decrease fax delivery errors by intelligently routing faxes through alternate call paths, and we’ll try as many call paths as it takes until a fax delivery is successful.
Seamless Integration
The number one reason that users move to Concord from other fax solutions is that their provider lacks the tools to integrate fax into existing applications. At Concord, we’ve engineered a seamless experience for our users: Cloud Fax can make documents immediately accessible within the systems and applications users spend the most time in.

Security and compliance across industries

Network security

  • Encryption (in-transit & at-rest)
  • SSL/TLS encryption for web traffic
  • TLS for email
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Active intrusion protection

Physical security

  • Private datacenter suites in secured and guarded buildings
  • Highly restricted, controlled badge access for all datacenters
  • Closed Circuit Video security and monitoring

Logical security

  •  All logins and access is logged and recorded.
  • Complex password requirements.
  • Enforced anti-virus policy across the network.

Over 97% retention rate, year over year

Over 140,000 users prefer Concord’s secure online fax solution because of our dedication to compliance, but also because our Cloud Fax is more than just compliant: It’s built to make the day-to-day tasks of even the most massive enterprise and healthcare organizations more simple, more secure and more seamless through and through.

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