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Marjam Supply Company

The Company

MarJam Supply Company is a highly specialized and customer service driven distributor of lumber, plywood, and other building materials. Operating 33 ‘super centers’ across the entire East Coast, MarJam is one of the most respected businesses in the competitive construction supply industry in the United States.


The Challenge

MarJam’s Accounts Payable team process approximately 7,500 vendor invoices per month and needed to find a way to improve the efficiency in which they managed the approval process. MarJam needed to receive and assign the invoices to the relevant Accounts Payable clerk, identify and match to the purchase orders, forward to managers for approval, and finally process for payment. All without the document ever touching paper. It was important for MarJam to introduce a solution that would facilitate increased collaboration while reducing the amount of manual steps in the process. Additionally they wanted to make an effort to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by introducing electronic delivery and distribution of invoices and find a solution that required no software installation or maintenance on the user’s desktop.


The Solution

MarJam implemented the BlinkEDM Electronic Document Management product from Talisker Technology Solutions to work in conjunction with Concord Fax. Concord Fax delivers vendor invoices as an email attachment directly into an inbox monitored by BlinkEDM which then automatically directs the document to a clerk-specific intray.

As the clerk enters the details into the accounting system BlinkEDM captures the information and automatically indexes the document. The clerk can then forward the invoice to the appropriate manager for approval along with any notes that may be necessary. Once approved the invoice is passed over to the ‘back-office’ system and removed from the clerk’s intray.


The Results

By using Concord Fax in conjunction with BlinkEDM, Marjam can now receive and process vendor invoices electronically without the need to print, write emails, or make calls. Automatic indexing has reduced potential transcription errors and the overall improvement in collaboration has allowed MarJam to save the equivalent of one full time employee, process invoices faster, and take advantage of more early payment discounts


“Concord Fax has become an integral part of our workflow. It integrates nicely with our other systems making for a seamless workflow.”

Bill Mangot, MarJam Supply

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