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Acclaris Sees Benefits with FAXCOM Hybrid Solution

Acclaris is the leading software-enabled service provider for employee benefits reimbursement. Their end-to-end solution enables its customers’ employees to submit and receive approval for reimbursement requests for various different benefit plans including healthcare, dependent care, HRA, HSA, and tuition/adoption assistance expenses. Expense receipts are faxed by the users to Acclaris, processed overnight by their service centers, with most reimbursement decisions available within one business day. 

The Acclaris system provides images of claim forms and receipts, as well as complete tracking and reporting capabilities to claimants and their employers. The system receives over 5,000 fax pages each day.   

“When fax is such a big part of your business, an improvement in your faxing solution can result in big savings in both time and money,” said Subhadip Chatterjee, VP of Information Technology for Acclaris. With 30,000 customers across North America (many of them Fortune 500 and Fortune 50) Acclaris provides an essential solution for business reimbursements. 

An Unreliable System That Was Unable to Grow

Reimbursement accounts invariably require the submission of receipts—lots of receipts! Fax is the simplest and most effective way for end-users to submit these receipts to Acclaris; it’s fast, efficient, secure, and fax service is ubiquitous. Fax reliability is key to Acclaris’ success.   

“The moment our customers try to fax and get a busy tone, they will pick up the phone to call us. This will cost us both time and money,” said ChaterjeeAcclaris initially installed a competitor’s fax server, but that implementation could not scale as the company grew. “The previous solution had both software and hardware issues and we began to look for a better solution,” said Mr. Chatterjee. 

Ultimately, FAXCOM was able to meet the volume and reliability requirements of Acclaris, delivering non-stop business faxing, along with a security architecture that met its HIPAA compliance requirements. 

Reliability Makes For A Winning Solution

Acclaris chose FAXCOM for its reputation as the leading enterprise fax that also supported a seamless cloud option. This hybrid fax system provided the best of both worlds: a workhorse fax server on site, and a scalable cloud system that provided peak load and a hot backup system to the on-premises server. Unique to FAXCOM, the server and cloud solution user interfaces are identical and routing of faxing to either on-prem servers or the cloud fax system are indistinguishable to end users. 

“A big driver for us is reliability,” said Chatterjee. “End users need fax and when the fax doesn’t work they send receipts via postal mail. That results in more work for us and lower customer satisfaction.” Acclaris also appreciated FAXCOM’s direct US-based support team for both premises-based and hosted faxing from the same vendor– a unique offering in the fax marketplace. “One of the best things about working with FAXCOM’s support engineers is their troubleshooting,” enthused Chatterjee, “we really liked the fact that they went beyond what was expected of them.” 

Big Savings In Both Time And Money

Acclaris now has a system to send and receive faxes that provides business  continuity. The FAXCOM Server’s award-winning  reliability  is further  supplemented by FAXCOM Anywhere, ensuring that users can always send and receive faxes, regardless of whether the fax server is down for maintenance or peak fax traffic exceeds the available  bandwidth. This implementation  provides the reliability and high availability that Acclaris demands.  

“Implementing this solution has resulted in big savings in both time and money,” said Chatterjee. “The more efficient fax is for our end users, the more they’ll use it and the less they’ll call our  support desk.” The solution has also had a significant impact on customer satisfaction levels. For Acclaris, the most important benefit remains reliability.  

“With FAXCOM Hybrid, you can set it up, forget about it, and it keeps working,” says Chatterjee. “That’s exactly what we were looking for.






The Problem
  • Loss of time and money due to constant busy tones and delivery issues
  • Difficulty managing large volumes of incoming receipts via fax
  • Lack of scalability with current solution as company grew
The Solution

Acclaris implemented FAXCOM Hybrid achieving:

  • Reliable, non-stop business faxing solution
  • Delivers faxes quickly and securely, ensuring HIPAA compliance
  • No retraining or change in user behavior, users are more productive
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