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Why Should an Independent Software Vendor Replace Their Current Cloud Fax Integration?


Many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) serving healthcare find that performance problems with their cloud fax solutions have a serious impact on customers.

Functionality issues that create extra support needs, generate end user complaints, and potentially threaten healthcare outcomes are a sign that you need a new cloud fax vendor.

Here are some problems commonly found among Concord Cloud Fax competitors:

Learn more about how Concord Technologies can ease some of the short-comings of your current cloud fax vendor.

Incomplete Inbound Integrations

Many solutions miss basic fax information as a result of using a folder sweep mechanism or manual file import to pull in scanned documents for fax rather than a direct fax integration.

Lack of Status Visibility for Outbound Fax

If cloud fax vendors overlook this information, users are unaware of failed transmissions, which can have a disastrous impact on urgent patient care events.

A Focus on Fax Status and Information Visibility

Concord’s APIs support near real-time fax status, as well as detailed final fax information. After making the switch to Concord, partner ISVs see improvements to their fax success rates and can use Concord’s more detailed and accurate status reasons on failed faxes to more accurately determine what to do about them. With the most robust set of development tools in the cloud fax industry, Concord empowers Healthcare IT partners to build solutions allowing users to match the pace of the healthcare market—getting information into the hands of healthcare professionals making life changing decisions for patients is our utmost priority.


Additional Concord Cloud Fax Advantages Support Better Healthcare Outcomes

In addition to providing timely fax status information, Concord Cloud Fax offers:

Enhanced Reliability – Concord’s cloud fax platform was purpose-built from the ground up to provide high levels of reliability to ISV partners, because customers and patients depend on it.

Improved Customer Communication and Support – On the rare occasion when a disruption occurs, we provide timely support updates and a clear analysis of the root cause. We ensure customers completely understand what happened and detail preventive actions to avoid similar future occurrences.

Added Functionality for ISV Offerings – Concord makes it possible for software vendor partners to offer enhanced fax integration to their customers, including fax classification and extraction features.

Focus on Security/Compliance –Unlike other cloud fax vendors claiming SSAE16 SOC2 compliance by merely hosting their service in a SOC2-compliant data center, Concord conducts an annual audit of our platform itself against the SOC2 Trust Service Categories of security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality.

These are a few of the many reasons that Concord Cloud Fax is the leading internet fax solution. Read Prioritizing Cloud Fax Replacement: Improving Performance for Better Patient Care. to better understand why transitioning to internet fax services with Concord Technologies can enhance your effectiveness as a healthcare software vendor.

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