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Private Practices Achieve Multiple Benefits with Efficient, Effective Data Transmission

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A busy physician practice can see hundreds of people a week. Even if all their personal, payment and care data is being captured electronically, it’s still a massive amount of information. Now add to the mix what needs to be shared with other providers, insurance companies, state health information exchanges (HIEs), health system electronic health record (EHR) systems and it’s easy to see how inefficient, incomplete data transmission can lead to huge problems.

Many private practices remain on paper and use a combination of fax machines and dedicated fax software to send and receive information. They know this isn’t a sustainable solution, but there’s a great fear around expense and disruption when it comes to moving to digital fax. What they don’t realize is they already are paying a high price.

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Consider this: Even if the practice’s document volume is not overwhelming, the staff time used to send and receive data may be significant. Stops, starts and resends interrupt workflow and cause frustration. Furthermore, if data isn’t delivered in a timely fashion, and routed to the proper destination, that can interrupt transitions of care, meaning delayed patient treatment and slower or reduced payments from insurance providers and/or Medicare and Medicaid.

Boost staff efficiency and data-transfer speed while also achieving better security with a paperless, cloud-based fax solution that easily integrates with electronic health record (EHR) and other data-management platforms. Concord’s fax technology offers interoperability and takes fax transmission even further by deploying its own analytics and technology to extract and properly route information that you send and receive.

A seamless, evolving fax solution that enhances private practice operations

Private practices need a fax solution and technology partner that meets today’s clinical document management needs and with the flexibility to grow with their needs over time. Concord’s longstanding partnerships with healthcare providers have resulted in a platform of fully digital, turnkey fax solutions that create ease, efficiency, and quality improvement.

More than anything, private practices need to know that their fax system is working in real time. They need a reliable fax and data solution that is intuitive and serves their busy offices.

Concord’s suite of fax solutions is designed to help providers improve workflows and staff efficiency, reduce overhead and enhance service delivery. Please fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch to start a conversation. 

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